"For gambling luck, tie a butterfly around your right ankle."



Marni visited New Orleans, LA in early spring 2016. She was struck by its deep history, the vibrant colors, and the melding of so many cultures into one breathtaking, dynamic, American city. Marni's response was to create a series of watercolor paintings that illustrated American superstitions, particularly from New Orleans; some beliefs are long-forgotten and others are still observed today.
Marni exhibited these works with Cafe Nola in Frederick, MD in February 2017.

The Work

"To keep spirits from your house, read the Bible backwards."
"Dreaming of death represents marriage, and dreaming of marriage represents death."
"If the water won't boil, there's a toad in the kettle."
"To protect against the devil, hang a mirror on the porch. Madame Diable is so vain, she won't move from the spot, until the sun rises and she has to scat."
"If you pant lettuce on Good Friday, it will not grow and the ground will bleed."
"When a hen crows, someone in the family will die."
"If you find a alligator under your house, there will be a death soon."
"If two girls comb a third girl's hair, she will die before the year is up."
"If you wear green garters, you will receive gifts often."
"A pillow charm to change your neighbor into a monster."
"You must always burn and throw away your hair, lest birds build a nest with it, and it will make you crazy."
"When a woman whistles, the virgin Mary weeps."
"To confuse a werewolf, throw 13 objects into his path. He can only count to 12, so when he get to 13, he'll have to start over again. He'll be out until the sun comes up."