Tomato Weather

I've been growing tomatoes since early May, some starter plants from a store and some from seed (thanks, mom!) The seed-plants have definitely done better as far as height and fruit yield, but unfortunately all my plants have tons of tomatoes, but they won't turn red. So, we're ripening them off the vine, in paper bags indoors. Still waiting to enjoy our garden's gifts!

These were the biggest from my plants. Into brown bags they go, for the ethylene to do its work.

My little tomato gardener.

I see a face, do you?

We took a walk to the creek, the same day we picked tomatoes. I'm so glad I decided to be a "good" mom, rather than a "tidy" mom, and let Hugo play in the water. He had the best time.

The creek-bridge near our house, a popular kids' hangout among the neighborhood littles.

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