The Long Days are Ending

I don't mean to sound terribly pessimistic with the title here; just marking the change of seasons with some pictures. Autumn is always welcome here. Although, October tends to be rambunctious in fluctuating temperatures, we've finally settled on daytime weather that's somewhere between 40-60 degrees F.

One week in October, we had intense fog every morning.

These yellows are a sight to behold! Can you smell the air through this picture??

My busy woodland boy.

The tomato thief. We had to pick them green since for some reason they were refusing the ripen on the vine. Better to pick them early before the frost gets them anyway!

The last hurrah for my tomatoes and eggplants. That broccoli is being threatened by a mysterious munching insect, most likely a green caterpillar I've seen skulking about. I'm getting ready to clean up the raised beds and only grow my kale and cabbage through the cold weather.

Marni Manning - Artist

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