Successful Sale

"Super Lady" 15x21" watercolor and "gold" leaf on paper. Based on the movie, Fargo.

I held a painting sale on Instagram recently. I was clearing out and organizing items in my basement and realized that I had 3 different shows worth of leftover art; framed and ready to hang! It was just sitting there, collecting dust. I knew that with at least two years having gone by, the paintings I pored over were perhaps not going to go for the price I originally desired. Every piece in the sale - original, framed paintings - were between $30-$50. A STEAL, I know and they were priced to sell. But you know what was nice?

- Knowing the paintings were going to live in homes where they would be displayed and appreciated

- Offering my work to people who might have enjoyed seeing it on the internet, some for several years, but ordinarily wouldn't drop a lot of cash for art. I got several messages like this: "I've loved your art for so long and now I can finally own an original!" That was amazing to make my art accessible to them.

- After they were packed and on their way, feeling like I can finally start afresh with a new style and motivation. I love a clean slate.

"I *Think* I'm religious" 15x21" framed, watercolor on paper. This painting was part of my Day of the Dead show. I realize now, I had very little business creating art on a subject whose culture I do not share (I'm white and of Italian / Jewish / Irish heritage, not Mexican.) But at the time, I was motivated to research, learn from friends who celebrated Dia de los Muertos, and then illustrated images to go with their musings on the holiday. I'm glad all the pieces have found their forever homes and I can cross into art subjects that I feel permitted to portray.

"Gater Gal" 12x15" watercolor on paper. Part of my Americana Culture show, back in 2018. I loved this series; I got to research obscure American folktales and come up with my own images for them. The show was well-received and I even got to work with my sister and writer A.C. O'Dell to create a poetry book.

My art and my work priorities have shifted tremendously since having Hugo. I no longer have a desire to do a lot of exhibits. I'm not sure what's in store for the future. but I'm glad to allow it to take shape to fit within my new lifestyle.

Thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who purchased one of these originals. It allowed me to clear some physical and mental space for new work, and also to save up for the impending holiday season. I have a lot of materials to gather, in order to play Santa again for you and yours, this holiday season.

Marni Manning - Artist

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