Question Mark Butterfly

I worked hard on the curriculum for 2021's Watercolor Club and I'm so excited to share all 12 images with you...but not quite yet, *wink, wink*!

This is the Question Mark Butterfly, named because the black dots on its wings roughly outline a question mark. There are several different colorings for this kind of butterfly, but I chose one that would allow all of you artists to recreate this image with vibrant colors, instead of worrying about not muddying up a deeper-hued one.

Guess what? I was outside gardening one day, near my shed, and I found one...! What a joy to have researched several different butterfly species and to be rewarded with one I ultimately chose for 2021's line up. It was a treat to watch its wings open and close - because the closed position camouflaged it in with the wood of the shed and the open was, of course, displaying the wings in all their splendor.

Have you spotted a Question Mark near you lately?

Marni Manning - Artist

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