Practicing more oil portraits

I'm turning my art practice more towards new endeavors; there's so much freedom in making art just for fun. It's been several years since I leaned into a new medium or made art with no real "purpose." By that, I mean, most of the art I have made in the past was in order to build my portfolio, turn original work into prints for sale, or some other way to make money from what I'm doing. (I suppose putting my process on Youtube looks like I'm trying to monetize it...but with so few followers there, I know that won't happen any time soon.)

I hope you enjoy this video! I'm not super comfortable with oils, but it's fun to practice. Also, here are some tips for finding your artistic style!

  1. Draw a lot

  2. Find other artists to emulate

  3. Give yourself 3 adjectives to describe your art

  4. Make a list (of items / ideas that will be a common thread in your art)

  5. Restrict your color palette

  6. Stay within one medium (or not, but be consistent)

  7. Ask yourself these three questions: What is your message? Who is your art for? Why do you make art?

Marni Manning - Artist

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