Portrait Oil Painting

Now that commissions aren't taking up most of my evenings (which was fine, I'm grateful for commissions!), I have more time to devote to other things - namely, art for fun!

I have this stash of oil paints in my art cabinet that have been sitting there for about 3 years, mostly untouched. Every time I look at that drawer, I sigh. I want to be proficient with oils! I also am not sure how my style translates into this medium...?

Now is the time to dabble, isn't it? It's a fresh, new year, and I might as well teach myself oils, the same as I taught myself watercolor. With a steady discipline and painting the things I love, this makes the painting exploration more enjoyable.

This is a portrait of one of my sisters. She happens to have done some modeling - can't you tell? She's a delightful subject, as I've painted her on several other occasions.

I've got a few more oil portraits that I've done, hanging on my wall, drying. I might post some of those in a bit as well.

Ephasian 2:10

"For you are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

Marni Manning - Artist

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