Photo Dump of 2020 Holiday Commissions

Wow, am I ever grateful to have gotten all of these commissions! Doing this work means I can help support my little family - I help paying bills like electricity, insurance, phones, internet...! It might sound menial, but it means so much to me!

I've compiled most of the scanned paintings I did for the Holiday season, 2020. I've included a little blurb for each one. Enjoy!

When the recipient opened the email I sent with a jpg of this, she said she cried (because she loved it)! It's a joy to get this kind of reaction. Notice the DC and NYC skylines in the background, indicating their hometowns.

I smile so big when I think about this cute and funky pup, Eli! Just look at those teeth! And I must say, my most successful attempts at poppies???

Confession: black cats are incredibly difficult to capture in watercolor. What you see here is the second attempt at this portrait. I also don't typically paint roses, but again, I did my best. When painting "black" with watercolor, it's important not to use too much black paint, but give the impression of black with other darker colors. This creates a lot more visual interest and is more "artistic." Does that make sense?

The same goes for white cats / animals. There isn't really such a thing as painting with white watercolor paint on a white piece of paper, so you have to get creative in how you convey white. I generally use a lot of pastels. You can see an example what I mean here, here, and here.

Oops! I forgot to erase the pencil lines before scanning! This cat was a bit scruffy and quirky, with the wild hair and pertinent tongue. I like it.

My childhood friend's older sister (who is now my friend) ordered this memorial portrait of their family dog. She was specific about the layout, and I'm so glad that I could create something that she envisioned!

Some of my favorite customers' late pet. They've purchased a lot of art from me, and this one was a last minute addition to their holiday gift-giving. I sure do love tabby cats...

I painted another portrait this year for a couple who were my first portrait sale years ago! Their family has grown, so they needed an update :-) Click here to see the first portrait. Also, you can see how much my style has changed in 5 years!

For a customer's sister and her family; they live in Seoul, South Korea. Painting this made me nostalgic for the time when I lived there.

An aesthetically-pleasing color palette for this customer's sister-in-law. They live in Hampton, NH.

A musical, theatrical, vivacious family! I loved cramming all this family goodness into one portrait! I usually do paintings for family of 2-4 people, but this was a good challenge. Look at all those sweet doggos! And this portrait wasn't actually the largest family I painted for this year - I did another of 10 family members. I don't have that one on hand because it wouldn't fit in my scanner (I documented it with a picture on my phone.)

Wisteria for this sweet Bailey.

Bacon! I love seeing the names these animals have! This color palette is so soothing to me.

Arguably my favorite painting from this holiday season - for my cousin, gifted by my other cousin, the recipient's sister. I mean, how cool to be commissioned to paint vintage Coleman lanterns?! This is definitely going up on the home page portfolio!

A spirit-animal commission request. The customer and I had a lot of communication to get this one right...I'm so glad they liked it in the end!

Marni Manning - Artist

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