Paint Purchase Hack

There's a shelf next to my desk that holds small, cylindrical paint tubes - all of which I've collected from various trips to Michaels. These paints are dubbed "craft supplies" usually, as the quality of paint is quite low. I suppose to me, paint is paint, especially when it comes to acrylic, and as long as the coverage is decent, I'm happy.

I've recently gotten the urge to paint with more acrylic. Of course, as I've gone along, my acrylic supply as dwindled.

I was trying to think of ways to stock up on random colors without spending an exorbitant amount when I remembered - - at most home improvement stores, there are "mistake" paints that have been mixed as sample sizes, quarts, or gallons, and are extremely discounted. I went to the two closest stores that carry all-things-home-improvement and scored 15 containers! That's not even the best one store, the small sample containers cost $0.15 each and at the other store, $0.50. I almost couldn't believe it! My entire haul was around $10 (one quart cost $5 on its own, but it's a beautiful blue, I couldn't pass it up.)

These are interior paints with a mix of different finishes: some matte, some satin, etc. I don't mind the differing results - I'm making art and the texture / sheen these paints can add will be welcome. I'm just thrilled with the variety and possibilities!

If you're in need of some paint and not picky about colors, head to the "Oops," section and enjoy the plunder!

P.S. not sponsored by any home improvement store, nor by Behr, the logo on the box in the first picture.

Marni Manning - Artist

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