Owl Drinking Tea

I revisited my animal / activity prompts (you can find the set I made here - for free! Download, print, cut out, and enjoy.) This time, instead of letting fate decide what I ought to create, I saw the "owl" and the "drinking tea" cards and knew I had to illustrate it.

I've been feeling down these days, creatively. It's one of the greatest joys in my life is making art. I started painting when I was going through depression in 2015. Having a daily art practice breathed new life into that monotonous season.

I'm so busy with Hugo now, I barely have time to sit down and be leisurely with my watercolors. For new and different reasons, art has become something I do only as a job (painting commissions), rather than exploring and being surprised by what comes out of my art-play.

Instead of giving up and believing that watercolors are for childfree people, I decided to take the time to practice my digital art skills. I'll get back to watercolor for fun one of these days; until then, I really appreciate the erase button and folding up my art to put it out of my toddler's reach, in a pinch.

Marni Manning - Artist

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