My Birthday

It was my birthday earlier this month! I desperately love my birthday. Each year, I'm immensely grateful to have been given 12 months of wisdom, mistakes, joys, and LIFE. I'm always expectant for another 12 months of adventure.

I felt that God spoke to me about bouquets. Although I create and sell art (an idea that manifests as an extraneous piece of decor, I'm a very frugal, practical, thoughtful consumer. It's rare that I purchase a bouquet of flowers for myself. I felt God tell me to accept the bouquets I'm given, or even seek some out to purchase for myself. To me, this idea of bouquets symbolized the activities in my day that didn't have a specific "valuable" or tangible result. Sometimes, life is simply to be enjoyed, not worked at, monetized, or used with practicality in mind. The proverbial "stop and smell the roses," idea. What a beautiful confirmation of this word from God, when two of my very close friends gifted me bouquets for my birthday!

I also got to spend my birthday evening with a new friend, painting at my old workplace.

We picked an aurora landscape, and it was wonderfully refreshing to turn off my brain and be told what to paint, as well as dive into meandering conversation. Such fun! I also celebrated my birthday with Inwook the night before with a special dinner and donuts + ice cream, yum!

Marni Manning - Artist

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