Inktober 2020, Days 1-5

This is my favorite time of year, for so many reasons: the weather, my birthday, switching out my seasonal clothing for cozy socks and sweaters...and also because this is my third year to be attempting Inktober! Did you know? It's a worldwide artist challenge, an opportunity for anyone to practice their inking. The prompts help me increase my productivity as well as give me a chance to try knew ideas / shapes / illustrations / styles.

2017 was a nature theme; 2018 was skeletons; 2019 was body parts (but I only completed half the month) and this year, I decided to go with nature again, but make it somewhat tattoo-esque? Not sure what that means, but I like it...?

I should also mention that previously, I created with ink and paper, but this year, with time restraints and a toddler dashing around, digital "ink" is my chosen medium.

Here are days 1-5:

  1. Fish

2. Wisp

3. Bulky

4. Radio (it's a radio flyer wagon)

5. Blade

Marni Manning - Artist

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