Early winter

This is a photo I snapped back in mid-December. We had snow right before Christmas! I'm from North Carolina and down there, there's rarely a white Christmas, so this felt like a special treat. But now that we're into January, I'm already dreaming up my spring garden to plant in those raised beds. I even bought some seeds today while I was out...!

Can you tell I'm not used to and don't know what to do with winter? Every year, it comes and I try to embrace it. Events like a snowfall make it cozy, but less sunlight and cold days are tough to endure.

Still, it's my joy to have this life and all of its many facets, with seasons that recognize the progress. Psalm 104:19 says, "God made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down."

Marni Manning - Artist

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