d*Well Stamped Notebooks

This was my first time creating a logo stamp and although there was trial and (lots of) error when it came to the amount of ink I used, I'm very pleased with the result! I carved the stamp from a pink, rubbery Speedball Speedy Carve block, roughly 2.5x4", using my Speedball carving tool. I also had a brayer, some printing ink, and made use of the back of a plastic bag for my inking surface.

I was careful to carve the stamp "backwards" (mirror image) so that it would read from left to right when printed. When the stamp was ready, I traced the item for stamping - a 5x8" notebook - and then placed the stamp with a reusable circle sticker where I wanted the logo to end up on the cover, about 2/3 of the way up the surface.

I squeezed some ink, spread it with my brayer, and inked the stamp. Lightly laying the notebook on the wet stamp and gently rubbing the backside allowed me to evenly distribute the ink.

I already had set up these racks for drying - specifically for my Watercolor Club kit prep - and I was so pleased to have space for each notebook to dry for the afternoon, without cluttering up my desk. The racks are originally meant to sit horizontally on a desk to use for office organization, and I gathered them from 5Below 2 years ago and Amazon recently.

I used the image below to carve the stamp. This logo was created by the graphic design team at my church. The notebooks I stamped will be used during a women's ministry worship event. I'm so pleased to have gotten to use my creative skills to serve the church. It was such a privilege to be able to handle each notebook and pray over it, in preparation for this weekend.

Marni Manning - Artist

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