Chapbook with A.C. O'Dell, Sneak Peek

My favorite writer to work with, the prolific A.C. O'Dell, also happens to be my sister. We've both found ourselves in a busy season, one that is taking us away from our usual creative endeavors. I did, however, find time to craft some of her 2017-2018 poems into an illustrated poetry chapbook. This will be our 3rd collaboration together, and this time, all the art was created digitally. Here are some images for you to enjoy:

"Garden Party" - I was never adept with inking in the traditional sense, but since being able to play with "ink" digitally, I have a lot more confidence in how to order my contrasting light and dark areas of a piece of art. These images were created on my iPad Pro, with Procreate, and an Apple Pencil.

Anatomical hearts always speak to me - I loved meshing it with a musical instrument (a banjo.) The poem that goes along with this piece includes the phrase, "good folk."

Marni Manning - Artist

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