Big Ivy Painting Commission

This is an incredibly specific commissions - a customer reached out, one that I worked with a couple years ago, to request this for her best friend. They both live in the mountains of North Carolina, near a place called "Big Ivy," which refers to the mountain laurel that grows there. I also used to live in North Carolina, and even spent some summers near this place. Although I was the conduit through which this heartfelt memory was created and sent, I felt some of the love creating it.

Also, I love customers who give me the freedom to make something that I think is beautiful, without nitpicking me about colors or composition. Love. I cannot overemphasize how wonderful it is to work with that kind of trust given to me.

I also love such unique commissions like this. Thank you, H! It was such a joy to create this before Christmas.

Marni Manning - Artist

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