August 2020

Here's a quick photo-journal of my August. Not much art, a lot of baby Hugo, and everything done with intentionality.

Hugo's birthday - we shared a sweet neighborhood playground date, just the two of us. He's a bit young to be traipsing around on the play structure, but he still has a blast with proper guidance.

An American Dagger Moth, Acronicta americana. I attended a friend's going away party outdoors at a park shelter, and this little guy graced us with its presence. I had no idea it is mildly poisonous...! Glad that it didn't come into contact with us, although it was rather fond of chasing our ankles.

A beautiful late-summer evening sky. If ever there's pink overhead, I can't help but snap a picture.

New whimsical heraldry commissioned paintings are in the shop, just in time for the holidays. I created this image for my sister, since foxes are her favorite animal, and she lives in the country, surrounded by farmers, growing wheat and corn (also, her name begins with a J.) She loved it! And I got to use this as an example in my shop. Wouldn't you know it...a customer found the same symbols to be meaningful for her loved one, and so I got to replicate this. That's alright! No two originals are ever the same, really. Mark-making is wonderful that way; try as I might, I'm not a machine, able to spit out perfect carbon-copies, because each painting has a different line quality, color swirl, or watercolor bloom. Original paintings are wonderful that way.

Two guys, watching Pororo Penguin together. I'm not keen on how much TV Hugo watches...if I had it my way, it would be none, but I've also found it especially helpful when I need him to stay quiet / distracted while I get something done. Inwook has introduced him to strictly Korean-speaking animation shows, which I also condone because we hope that Hugo will someday be able to converse with both sets of grandparents (English-speaking and Korean-speaking.)

A fantastic day of digging in the front parking lot. I forget if they were laying water pipe or doing internet / electrical work; but of course, we don't care which, because these machines provided some wonderful, noisy, dynamic entertainment.

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