Family Portraits from 2019-2020

I don't often post finished family portraits to the internet because these paintings are sometimes given as gifts or surprises or just not as meaningful to people other than the recipients. Instagram, where I have been religiously posting my work until now, isn't always the right place for showcasing commissions. But I wanted to show them to you here, on my personal blog, because it seemed like the appropriate, quiet, thoughtful way to celebrate all of these wonderful commission-clients.

Looking back over these images, I'm remembering all the careful details I lovingly painted for each family. So many colors! So many patterns, florals, and PETS! (My, how people love their pets, it's heartwarming!)

Can you tell that my background in costume design comes in handy for these commissions? Although the basic layout is the same, each person has such a unique style, which I tried my best to channel through the colors I selected for the painting and patterns in their clothing.

I adore crafting unique vignettes that represent the wonderful ways humans are alike and dissimilar. Through these portraits, I honor how people love each other and how they find joy in their shared lives.

Here are some paintings I did over the last year, until now.

Marni Manning - Artist

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