Digital Art from Summer 2020

I tried digital art! Finally!

It had been on my to-do list since I received my new iPad last summer, in 2019. I was working for the POW!WOW! Washington DC mural festival (check out my mural on the Metropolitan Branch Trail, in the NOMA neighborhood!), and a brand-new iPad was one of the perks. Thank you, POW!WOW! for having me, it was a blast!

Why then, did it take me an entire year to give digital art a try? Two reasons: 1. I was pregnant at the time and had my baby in August 2019, which also entails sleepless nights, round-the-clock feeding, and an every-needy baby for a year after that. Needless to say, I didn't have the luxury of extra time in order to practice digital art. 2. I was scared sh*tless.

Although I consider myself a proficient artist, any new medium is going to have a learning curve. Let's say I'm a fantastic language-learner; I know how to begin studying grammar, memorizing vocabulary, and have a native-speaker on hand to practice with. But just because I'm proficient in Spanish doesn't mean I can jump into Japanese and think I know what I'm doing! P.s. I can speak neither language. I speak Korean and studied German once, although I forgot everything.

The same is true with a new medium (and my own unique way of learning.) Perhaps some artists take to a medium faster / better than others. For me, I found myself loving working with - but in a rut - with watercolor. I slowly became more comfortable with acrylic, and still I am irritated with the time-consuming nature of oil painting.

The upside of digital art however, is that all the materials you might ever need, are all digital; contained within your app of choice. I found this to be the best thing about working in digital - no mess, no needing to store new materials, no clean up. The erase button on the app doesn't hurt either.

Here are some of my first attempts at digital art. If you scroll down to the end, I've also included a timelapse of one of my drawings. The Procreate app (my digital art platform choice) starts recording your strokes from the beginning, and makes it easy to see a sped-up version of your progress. It's pretty hilarious to look back at my work and see the process. Many times, I've begun with a shape or a color and changed my mind halfway through. Other times, I've changed the subject entirely! I hope the video at the end makes you chuckle as it gives you a snapshot into my creative process.

#6 Oak

Side note: for some of these illustrations, I worked from an old Inktober prompt list, written by the artist @Fiorere

#5 Fungus

#8 Rosemary

This was a drawing prompt I made for #TransmudaneTuesdays created by @CarsonEllis

#3 House

A random illustration, because I love drawing hands & scissors, and also it was the 4th of July in my tempestuous country.

#1 Apple

Here's the timelapse of my progress drawing the apples, seen above. Sometimes I take the long way 'round, when creating an image, very rarely going with my initial design.

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