Trying a New Medium

I had had a go at oil painting last year, after I was intensely inspired by Bob Ross' landscape paintings tutorials on Youtube (which also can be viewed in Netlfix?) This experiment turned into my Mt. Star series that featured misty, magical mountains floating in a cotton-candy sky, and the sky was dotted with folk art stars. You can view there series by clicking the image below:

But my oil painting experiment, Part II, happened just this last week. I stumbled across some videos on Youtube, by oil aficionado, Daria Callie. Her videos make portraits in oil seem achievable! Oil painting continues to confound and intimidate me. Despite all the hours I've put into watercolor, acrylics, and pencils, I find oil painting requires more prep time and careful thought before embarking, and thus I procrastinate in the practice.

However, I managed to sit myself down for some me-time (literally painted a self-portrait in oils) and thoroughly enjoyed exploring. Thank you, Daria for teaching me to mix skin colors!

These images were taken off my Instagram stories and include my random thoughts in text:

I used the "official" traditional 5 oil colors: Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, and Titanium White. With these 5 hues, I was able to mix a plethora of colors to be used for shade, shadow, and highlight on my face. I even featured my new raspberry haircolor! The last image is as far as I've gotten. I realize that when I sit down to do art, it's much more thrilling to complete a project in one sitting rather than having to come back to it later and try to get back in the zone.

I'm not sure that I'll adopt oil painting into my art business, but I feel better knowing that I'm growing my skills and becoming a more well-rounded artist. Have you tried oils? Tell me me about your experience!

Marni Manning - Artist

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