Tröegs "Light and Energy" Commission

Oh Tröegs, you've been supportive from Day 1. When I didn't have much confidence in my art, I sent my submission for the Art of Tröegs contest in 2017, and the rest is history! Well, there's still a lot to explore together, but I'm grateful to be chosen as a featured artist for your "Art All Night" collaboration at Calico Bar in DC.

Tröegs commission a painting that went with the theme, 'Light and Energy." At first, I had a painting that I could contribute from my Mt. Star collection, that I felt fit the topic perfectly. I was then informed that it needed to be more beer-themed. No problem! I slapped a Tröegs logo and a hops sun on it and voila!

An original painting just for this awesome beer company:

Inwook and I, matching and enjoying the ambiance.

P.s. As always, I'm thrilled when I can be near my favorite writer, A.C. O'Dell! She was also sponsored by Tröegs to do her poetry booth thing, and she penned so many poems that night! We definitely found her demographic in DC.

Marni Manning - Artist

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