Liberty in North Korea Art Fund Raiser

Last month, I wanted to highlight the organization Liberty in North Korea, for the awesome humanitarian work they're doing to help North Korean refugees travel to safe countries. With more than 1,000 North Koreans defecting every year, most make their way across a frozen river and into China. While in China, women especially, are subject to being trafficked into the sex industry or sold into a marriage. It's heart-breaking to watch the documentaries, to hear the news, and to read books that describe a desolate country, run by a crazy dictator. The citizens there are under a totalitarian regime, but like citizens from every other country, they want a good life - and are willing to risk death to get it.

I lived in South Korea for several years and while there, I became interested in North Korea. I read and watched everything I could get my hands on...but although it was fascinating to sit comfortably and study, my heart wanted to get involved. As I am now married to a South Korean guy (who is never allowed into NK because the two countries are technically still at war) I'm not physically able to do anything over there; so I decided to put my skills to work and create some Korean-inspired art, with 50% of the proceeds going to Liberty in North Korea. Here's an 'about' page detailing exactly what LINK does with the money they receive.

As for my part, I'm offering these Korean-inspired original paintings and prints through my website. I would love your support for this cause! North Korea is a hell on earth, and by donating funds, we can help those who want to live elsewhere, have safe travel as they seek a better life!

Here are some pieces of Korean art I still have available:

Print available for purchase:

Marni Manning - Artist

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