Tröegs Nugget Nectar 2018 Poster Art - FIRST SQUEEZE

I was incredibly humbled with the results of the Art of Tröegs contest last July (I won!), so you can imagine how excited I was to be able to work with Tröegs again so soon!

Every year, Tröegs Beer unveils their once-a-year ale, Nugget Nectar, and they celebrate by throwing some pretty awesome parties! This year, I was asked to be a contributing artist, putting my spin on the logo for a limited edition poster(!!!)

I was asked to include their Tröegs logo, as well as the title of the beer, Nugget Nectar, and the phrase "First Squeeze 2018." When I got to thinking about "First Squeeze," I was inspired to tell a kind of origin story, as if a Hand of God was the first to squeeze the hops into that beautiful sparkling drink. It also plays on the word in "Nectar of the Gods."

So, I sketched out some preliminary ideas and sent it of to Tröegs. They're always super chill and were happy with the first draft! Here's what that looked like:

Three baby cherub angels are enjoying mugs of Nugget Nectar, while carrying a banner announcing the "First Squeeze." A hand is emerging from the clouds, holding a gigantic hop, with rows of the hop crop growing in the background. The words "Nugget Nectar" are the original logo design. You can see a rainbow behind the hand - I wanted to perk up the background with a bit of color!

After I got the ok to move forward, I started in on the painting. Here's what the first few stages looked like:

And I got about halfway done with the hops...I even painted the rainbow and two of the 3 cherubs - and it was WRONG! I can't really tell you why, except to say, the colors weren't clicking for me. I had a vision in my mind of the overall look of the poster, and as lovely as those growing hops were, this version just wasn't cutting it. So I scrapped it and started over.

I changed the layout of the cherubs - the one in the middle, would be floating at the top now, instead of the bottom, and the ribbon would follow him. No rainbow, too. It just pulled focus. I needed the colors to be closer to the original logo's mood and to be more cohesive.

Here's a halfway pic:

Much better!

Ta-da, the finished piece!

And some close-ups:

It took me a few days to complete, and I hemmed and hawed over little minute details. But then it was time to scan it, clean it up, and send it off to Tröegs!

I was also humbled to be one of a 3 artists interviewed in a 1 minute promotional video (filmed by Justin Williams), to talk about my art, my process, and how I'm connected with Tröegs. You can watch that video here.

I was so honored to be asked to participate in this year's poster art. I'll keep you all updated on the party! And I'll let you know where you can get your own poster, too. Also, if you've got a hankerin' for Tröegs beers, get on up to Hershey, PA and try my favorite: Jolly. Or you can look for it in your local grocery store. They're pretty famous ;-)

Marni Manning - Artist

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