HAPPY 2018!

I love New Years! (Maybe more than Christmas - sorry, not sorry!) It feels amazing to start off with a clean slate. Of course, I try to bear in mind that January 1st is a day, just like any other day. And I am well able to make resolutions on June 1st, as much as on January 1st, and still give my decision the honor and care it deserves in following through.

Instead of resolutions (like the big one: I should exercise more; which I rarely am consistent about) I like to make goals for the year. If they happen, they happen! If they don't? I'll always have the following year, and 2018 won't have been a waste without having achieved everything on my list.

Here goes...!

1. Make meaningful series of art

2. Collaborate more with other creatives

3. Make 1 quilt a month

4. Travel to the southwest of the US

5. Travel to Montreal

6. Get another tattoo

7. Continue growing my vintage Japanese home decor Etsy business

8. Continue learning and practicing Korean

9. Try to animate more of my illustrations

10. Go to the beach this summer

As you can tell, most of these are low risk things (except for that tattoo, yowza!! That's gonna hurt like a mofo) and I would do these activities any old year. I just like to remind myself of what I enjoy: traveling, exploring, creating, and learning!

Marni Manning - Artist

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