All of the Holiday Commissions!

It's been wonderful to open up Santa's workshop again (i.e. my studio) for the 2017 holiday season! Last year around this time, I was busy crafting unique portraits for families - I was fortunate to gain so many clients in 2016! This year, with word of mouth from one customer to the next, I kept a full schedule in preparation for Christmas.

I love looking back over the work I've done, mainly because in the middle of creating and shipping each piece, I don't have time to pause and reflect. Thank goodness for high-quality scans!

When comparing last year's with this year's portraits, I can say that my confidence in color choices and composition has grown. Of course I still stand by each painting I've ever made, am proud of it, and know that each moment in my painting journey taught me something new; but I'm ever so grateful to the clients who believed in my work before it was refined. With each year that passes, I'm refining the process a little more - cleaner lines, better control over my watercolor skills, more cohesive color palettes? I also feel that my style has become more defined.

These are just one type of art that I enjoy making. I'm working towards being able to handle any kind of commission asked of me! While the holiday season filled up family portrait commissions, my personal work was placed on the back-burner, until I could tend to it in late December. You can be on the lookout for 3 different series coming in 2018. Until then, enjoy my gallery of family portraits :-)

Marni Manning - Artist

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