How to Price your Work

Quality. That elusive idea that an item has apparent value and thus worth your time and energy. How do you define it? How do you convince someone?

Easy: you don't.

Your product should speak for itself.

This is why I work tirelessly to bring family portraits to you in a timely manner. I realize the amount you put down to order a (somewhat) small piece of original, customized art, is dear to you, and you're expecting greatness in return.

I want to explain an idea, once taught to me by my favorite university professor. He was a fabulous gay man who knew everything there was to know about costume design, and he often touted catch phrases like, "Wipe your feet and move on with the next one!" The man knew what he was about. I will always remember this concept, since it's equally as important in costume design as it is anywhere else in the world, and especially in business:

If you want something good (quality), fast, and cheap -you can only pick TWO.

Is it fast and cheap? You can bet that it's not good.

Good and cheap? It's not fast.

And finally, my favorite: good and fast.

After all, time is money, as they say...

This art price calculator has been a wonderful tool in deciding how much to ask for my art. However, it's only a rough guide, as you, the artist, ought to take into account how long it took you to paint that piece of art.

Why GOOD AND FAST is the best your money can buy:

Our modern digital age has put our fast-paced society on steroids. Remember when the internet was in its infancy? And dial-up was a song you could sing along to while waiting to connect to your favorite web blog on Gone are those days - quick, slick, and fantastic quality is the new norm.

I don't make digital art. I'm not sure that I ever will. I prefer a more tangible experience. When I'm working, the tooth of the paper, and experiencing uncontrollable watercolor bleeds is exciting and new every time. I use a modern technique with an age-old medium, and I love it.

Obviously, you love it, too! Thank you! When you support my art, you are affirming my pursuit of creativity, and saying, "Analog art matters!"

However, in keeping up with this digital gotta-have-it-right-now culture, I have to sacrifice something. With my work becoming more widespread, I have to consider how to spend my time wisely. Saying 'no,' to more opportunities, rather than simply falling into the work, would prove to be beneficial for my schedule and my sanity. For this reason, I've also been slowly raising my price of commissions. I do this, so that you can have an excellent quality piece, within a short amount of time (less than a week is pretty quick for a painting, right?)

Thank you for 2017

I want to express my gratitude. This 2017 holiday season was delightful madness, scurrying about, trying to get your orders painted, wrapped, and shipped, to arrive at your doorstep before December 25th. Thank you for keeping me busy! Thank you for loving my art. If you supported my work this season, I'm grateful to you. Heck, even if you just had a look, left a comment, or gave a like on Instagram, I'm thankful for you, too! All of this positivity keeps me going and keeps me grounded. I feel a responsibility to you - to bring joy and honesty, in an ever-increasingly frightening world.

Bless you in the new year, 2018, and thank you for following my journey this far.

Marni Manning - Artist

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