Inktober 2017 pt. 2

SUCCESS!! I was thrilled that through clever preparation (sometimes inking 2-3 days of work at a time) I was able to figure out how to stick with this challenge! As I've mentioned before, I've tried and failed with Inktober for the past two years. I was desperate to prove to myself that I had a good month of ink drawing potential in me. I'm happy to announce that October 1-31 was filled with joy, blood, sweat, and tears (but mostly joy) over creating a nature-themed Inktober series!

To see Inktober drawings 1-15, check out my previous blog post here.

As soon as I finished the series on October 31, I sent out a PSA on Instagram that Inktober drawings are now for sale! Thank you to everyone who purchased a mini ink drawing - each one is selling for $12, regardless of size differences - and I've still got a few left! Check out the leftovers here.

I'm not sure if I'll participate in Inktober next year...I've got another year to decide that. But reflecting on this 2017 challenge, I'm grateful for the following things:

1. To have become more comfortable using a pen nib and ink

2. To learn and remember to "KISS" - Keep It Simple, Stupid. Ink drawings exhibit more flair when the details are fewer (when it comes to my inking style)

3. To have pushed myself to complete a 31-day challenge. I did a lot of challenges early on in my art adventure, but since I've become busier with work, it's hard to find the time. This was perfect, as each drawing took about 10-15 minutes to complete.

4. That the creator of Inktober, Mr. Jake Parker, although having made some unusual and difficult prompts, set everything up for the ease of the participating artists. Thank you!

5. That painting with ink is as much fun as painting with watercolor! The two mediums act very similarly when painted, although have a different texture when dry. I'm excited to explore this more as I add ink to my current painting regimen.

How was YOUR Inktober? What did you learn? Leave me a comment below ^^

Here's the promised slideshow of Days 16-31. Enjoy!

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