2018 Petal Pages Calendar

Last year, my folk art calendar was such a hit, I decided to craft another one for 2018! This time, I called on my dear friend and big sis, A.C. O'Dell, to contribute some of her stellar micropoetry. I love the result!

I painted 12 different watercolor flowers, each correlating with a month (it's the official British flower/month list) and A.C. wrote 12 poems, inspired by each month of the year. Here's one from March 2018:

a tiny, verdant fern, infantile and delicate, sprouts from the cliff face.

what are you doing up here?

Calendars are available for sale in my shop! These are 8.5x11" landscape orientation, wirebound calendars. Printed in white cardstock, these calendars will bring cheer to your work/living space, as well as soothe, with its minimal design and calming poetry.

These make excellent holiday gifts, so grab yours now!

Marni Manning - Artist

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