"Gluttony" at Spoke Art Gallery NYC

Spoke Art Gallery NYC sent me an invite for their 2nd Hayao Miyazaki art tribute pop-up show, and I was more than happy to oblige! I went through several ideas before landing on my own interpretation of the character "No-Face" from Miyazaki critically acclaimed animated film, "Spirited Away."

I fell in love with the film, the minute I saw it. No Face is an elusive character, robed in black and donning a simple, expressionless mask. It enters the film as a creature of mimicry - imitating the emotions of the other characters around it. The other guests at the spirit bathhouse are greedy, and so No Face follows suit, devouring anything in its path and holding no enemies. I was struck by this idea - and how similar No Face is to my modern society.

My world is overwhelmed by marketing ploys and bright, shiny, new objects; you need more, more, MORE! And you need it now! The internet allows for fast and easy shopping, and with the click of a button, anything you could dream up can be delivered to your doorstep. Also, our social media connectedness (as much as I praise it, and owe it for my business success) can be a place that perpetuates the need for more, and a temptation to covet others' bright, shiny, new things.

All of the items depicted in my paintings are things I enjoy...but when is enough too much? 2017 isn't a year known for contentedness. In fact, to be content is such a rare quality; but one that I strive for every day.

I was able to attend the opening night for the pop-up show. I brought along Inwook (my husband) and two friends from college. What a happy time! I loved being in the city and enjoying the opening party with my good friends. I have yet to find out if my piece has sold (it hadn't sold when I was there) but you're welcome to check on Spoke Art's website, if you're interested in owning this little watercolor baby:


10x14" framed (untreated wood)



Marni Manning - Artist

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