Leftover Art from WTAY

The "Woman, These Are Yours" show was a big success! At least for me it, being my first solo show. I was so happy to have sold off 12 of the 22 pieces during the show. That means there were 10 left...and now we're down to 7!

If you'd like one of these original paintings, they will come in a white, wood frame with glass or plexiglass (glass for smaller paintings and plexiglass for the larger ones), and hardware fastened and ready to hang. This show's theme centered on women in the workplace and at home, battling daily social pressures and sexism issues. These paintings are brightly-colored and were created in a surrealistic folk-style.

Here's a list of the paintings still available. Please contact me if you wish to purchase one: marnimanningart@gmail.com

I don't have these listed through my website shop - only announcements on Instagram and my blog. So, if you'd like to purchase, you can get in touch with me directly.

16x20" Framed, Watercolor, $125 "Blind"

16x20" Framed, Watercolor, $125 "I'm Up Here"

16x20" Framed, Watercolor, $125 "Giving Up"

22x28" Framed (Glass), Watercolor, $300, "You Don't Know It, But We're Angels"

26x32" Framed (Plexiglass), Watercolor, $300 "Women, These Are Yours"

26x32" Framed, Watercolor, $300 "Vision"

26x32" Framed, Watercolor, $300 "Peace"

Marni Manning - Artist

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