Looking Back

This morning, I remembered having created a blog while I was living abroad in South Korea. I titled it, "The Gwangju Girl." It was the first time I had ever lived out of the US and everything was shocking and new.

I read back over the last few posts I wrote. I didn't see the need to continue blogging about Korea when I had plans to move back the States, so the blog only runs from 2011-2012. I thought that my time in Korea had run its course. That it was a neat little chapter that I could tie up in a bow and remember fondly...how little I knew! I ended up moving back to Korea, marrying a Korean guy, and making Korean culture an important part of my life!

Reading over my posts, I got nostalgic for that grungy little apartment, all of my adorable students, and even the weird smells from my neighborhood. It was that year that I trained for a half marathon, but got a running injury that I preventing me from racing. I learned to love running and also acupuncture. I had some coworkers I became close to, and even though I don't keep in contact much, I still think of them and our time spent exploring Gwangju. I'm missing it so badly right now!

Here's the blog link, in case you'd like to read it.

I'm not a great writer, but I think I do a fair job of expressing myself. I noticed a bad habit, though - not editing before posting! So many missing words and poor grammar! Oh well. That was my 2011 self. You'll forgive me, right?

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