How to Find Original Art - On the Cheap

It wasn't long after starting my art journey that I realized the incredible value of a piece of original art. The creator, with whatever medium they so desired to use, lovingly crafted something from their heart.

The original piece, whether on paper, canvas, wood, or stone, can live on and be enjoyed for generations to come. The individual brush strokes and pencil scratches give a piece character, and tell stories moving even deeper than the subject matter.

Art is a telephone with which to leave voicemails to our descendants in the future.

For all of these reasons, original art should be treasured.

But I get it! It's so dern expensive!!

Here are some tips and tricks to finding original art without putting yourself in debt or cleaning out your saving's account.

1. Keep Following My Instagram Page

...for Monday Inspiration updates. Every Monday, I like to showcase an up and coming artist, someone whose following doesn't yet reflect the magnitude of their talent. It's difficult to market yourself, and although an artist has the will, the way can be clouded. I love sharing my favorite and most inspiring artists on IG, and they usually they have their own webshop or Etsy, where their originals can be found at a steal.

2. Follow Emerging Artists

This is piggy-backing on the previous point but might take some more work on your end. You need to hunt down:

A. Artists whose work you love


B. Artists who are in the stage of making beautiful work, but still have low prices to attract more customers.

Without having built themselves into a well-know brand, new artists need inexpensive prices to attract more business. It's also fun to get an original piece in the early stages of their career, and as their following grows, maybe your budget for art will too. And you'll be able to say that you knew them when...!

Here's one way to find new (female) artists: Keep up to date with the Women Who Draw by following their Instagram account.

3. Thrift It

There are so many priceless gems that are being thrown into Goodwill donation bins! Get in there and hunt for the good stuff! I love thrifting for everything anyway (clothes, dishes, electronics - - literally everything) so I always make sure I pass by the art section, too. I have to sift through the trashy stuff to find them, but usually the original art already comes framed! This gorgeous piece I got from Goodwill recently was $4. It makes me endlessly happy, so it lives in my kitchen where I can pass by it often.

4. Save Up

This is a simple concept, but you'll need to keep an open mind. If you're in the market for a particular piece of art by your favorite artist, you might find that it's gone by the time you have enough money saved to purchase it. Thus, I would recommend, choosing an artist you like, setting a goal for yourself to save $XX amount every month, and when you've reached your goal, snatch up something that catches your eye.

Saving up is an old-fashioned idea and one that our generation doesn't embrace as readily ones previous. With credit cards and the internet, it's easy to get what you want right now. But how much more valuable will that piece be to you after you've hoarded pennies and waited for the opportune moment? It's a pretty satisfying feeling.

5. Purchase Mini Art

Not only is tiny art adorable, but it fits perfectly with a tight budget. Not every artist works small, but if you can find some fun pieces no larger than 8x8", these will usually run under $50.

Here are some of my favorite artists who work small and sell in accordance with my budget.

Ivonne Carley - Paper Cut Originals

Holly Exley - Watercolor Originals

Sarah Bogosh (Bad Ponies) - Graphite, Pen, and Marker Originals

Katharina Bourjou - Ceramic / Clay Sculptures

Frankie - Acrylic, Gouache, and Ink Originals

Oana Befort - Watercolor and Ink Originals

Kate Kennedy - Ink and Marker Originals

Happy art hunting - let me know what you find! Or, leave a comment to showcase someone whose art you admire and should be added to my mini art list ~

Marni Manning - Artist

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