3 Ways to Support Your Local (or Favorite) Artists

If you're an art lover, but don't have the budget to partake in purchasing originals yet, don't be discouraged! There are plenty of ways to patronize your favorite creatives:

1. Attend Exhibits

A lot of the time, the biggest support you can give is just showing up! If you know about an event, don't let the excuses get you down - get your butt off that couch, slam that netflix-streaming laptop shut, and sprint to your nearest art gallery opening, champagne flute in hand! By showing your face and offering a kind word, it can do wonders to show an artist that you care.

2. Social-Media-ize

We're all tremendously connected with the internet these days...go ahead and utilize that connection: like, follow, subscribe, and share whatever's got you all googly-eyed when it come to art. Even by reposting (and tagging, of course) a piece of art to your social media, this gets more eyes on that art - meaning a wider audience for the artist.

3. Network

Do you know an artist that works freelance? Sometimes there are lulls in an artist's schedule and they need work, STAT. If you hear of a job, or somebody needs a wedding gift for a cousin's husband's sister's friend - network, baby! Word of mouth is a great way to spread the good news of art. Why? People trust other people, more than they trust marketing and advertisements. (This is especially true for small businesses.)

Are you reading this blog because you're finding yourself in this situation...and you happen to love my work?? Here's how you could spread some good juju and show my art a little love - totally free of charge...

- Interact on Instagram by liking, commenting, or reposting (while tagging) my work

- Interact on Facebook - like my page, share any upcoming events, and invite other friends to like my page as well

- Read my blog (CHECK!)

- Watch my Youtube videos, subscribe to my channel, like, and comment

For $1, $3, or $5, you can support me through Patreon - you'll have access to my feed, videos, and even downloadable desktop backgrounds and coloring pages.

Of course, there are always alternatives to purchasing original art. These include buying postcards, magnets, and limited edition prints. Although this is my business and turning a profit is a priority, it's my ultimate desire to share my art with everyone! I've been trying to keep prices affordable, while balancing my workload, and also supplying items that you all want. Therefore, if there's something you're not seeing in my shop, you're more than welcome to leave a comment and let me know!

What is important to you when searching for the perfect piece of art for your home?

Marni Manning - Artist

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