Woman, These Are Yours Show = SUCCESS!

My first solo art show went up earlier this month and last night was our "opening night" reception. Free Range Brewing was so gracious to host my sister, A.C. O'Dell's poems and my work. Before the party even started, I found out that I had sold 3 paintings already!

I was floored by the number of people (old friends and new faces) who came out to celebrate our show. I was able to meet people (and especially women) who understood and shared in the experiences A.C. and I were trying to represent. It warmed my heart to hear their stories, some artists and poets themselves, but all with a zest for life and a passion for women's equality.

As I was counting down to the event, I posted several interesting feminism facts to my Facebook page. One in particular that stuck with me, goes like this: (taken from this website)

Myth: There is no more need for feminism: women have the vote, they have jobs. The goals have been met.

Fact: These achievements are great milestones in the history of feminism, however our aim is nothing less than equal treatment and opportunity for both genders. There are still many inequalities in society’s perception of the roles of men and women. We want to build a world in which no person, because of their gender, must curtail their hopes and dreams.

This is what our show has been all about. Yes, we realize that many goals have been achieved for women in our society...but the fact remains, there is still plenty of uncovered ground.

It was such a joy to create art on a topic that I'm passionate about. Additionally, to have the chance to work with my big sis, and reading the poetry she crafted for the event - to work together on a theme of our choosing, and for it to be so well-received - it felt special enough to be called "Once-In-A-Lifetime." A.C's husband my (bro-in-law) told us, "You only get one first gallery opening." I'm thrilled that it happened to be in a gorgeous brewery, in our hometown, with beautiful, honest, encouraging people all around us.

Here's a little video to recap our lovely evening out at Free Range Brewing

Marni Manning - Artist

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