A.C. O'Dell - Poetry Zine / Kindle Edition

Hey all! So, the 'Woman, These Are Yours' Art : Poetry show was a smashing success (if I do say so myself.) For my sister, A.C., it was her debut show as a poet. Her poetry zines sold out by the end of the night, but she has a Kindle ebook version for sale through Amazon. Check it out here!

During the art show, I had tons of people telling me how much A.C.'s poetry meant to them. Her words are poignant, honest, and unapologetic. Many times poetry can be heady and overwhelming to the reader, but A.C. crafts verses that speak truth and specificity.

You won't regret purchasing her ebook, so please, give it a read! The genre is feminist poetry, but it appeals to all ages and genders, as we still have a lot of ground to cover in achieving women's equality.

Happy reading :-*

Marni Manning - Artist

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