Lore Podcast

My beautiful sister and fellow creative A.C. O'Dell is so many wonderful things. She's my blood, she's one of my best friends, and she has a fierce eye for fascinating things. I'm constantly going to her for book and movie recommendations, as we have similar taste and I trust her judgement completely.

Recently she let me in on a little (not-so-secret) secret, a wonderfully creepy, deliciously skin-tingling podcast by Aaron Mahnke. (The podcast has been airing since 2015, but I've always been rather slow on the up-take of pop culture.) This podcast, titled "Lore" is everything that inspires the illustrator within me. I listened to the first episode and I knew I wanted to embark on some illustration exercises.

Here's the first installment, titled "They Made a Tonic." Aaron tells a story of why societies are obsessed with vampires, along with Bram Stoker's inspiration to pen the iconic novel "Dracula."

Marni Manning - Artist

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