Mini Calendar Illustrations

I've been trying to keep up a Patreon account since February. I've made it thus far! I had to do a bit of tweaking, rearranging pledge amounts, but after all of it, I'm pleased with the rhythm that has evolved.

I offer several perks of being a patron; namely, mini (paper) calendars for your office or home space, digital downloads of coloring pages, downloads of monthly desktop and phone background calendars. I was trying to do a little cartoon called, "Plant Mom," but I got overwhelmed after moving house and all of my other obligations, that that one got booted until I can get control of my schedule again. Plant Mom is not dead! She will rise again...

I wanted to share here some of the mini calendar illustrations I work on each month to offer as downloads and as the month's theme:

I'm pleased with 3 of the 4...if I happen to do something like compile a full size calendar later, I think I would rework the April image. The colors just seem off. That's ok! This has been a year of honing in on the colors I want to be synonymous with my style. I'm bound to make some "mistakes" along the way.

Marni Manning - Artist

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