"Woman, These Are Yours" A Quick Preview

Here are some of the pieces that will be shown at my upcoming solo show in Charlotte, NC, at Free Range Brewing. A.C. O'Dell will be supplying poetry for this show. Please scroll all the way down to read an excerpt.

"People are like tricky mazes sometimes

We navigate the subtext in their face and voices

As though they were dead ends and trap doors

How often have I, since only a child

Adjusted my trajectory

Not because of an inherent rightness

But in search of a reaction, an affirmation

In fact, most things I do are for others

Though often out of reach, I project illusions


Bright earrings, smooth legs

University degrees

Glowing hardwood floors

Well-behaved pets

Volunteer opportunities

Home-cooked meals

Organized Finances

Plush lawns, tidy gardens

It bothers me - -

Are then, my projects and plans

Lies, or conveniences

In much the same way one says

The package is in the mail

I'm doing great

I love you, mom

No, I haven't been picking at it

The sheets are clean

What if we only did things we like

Simply because we liked them?"

-A.C. O'Dell

You can contact her to see more or for any of your writing needs here.

Marni Manning - Artist

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