Easter with the Washington Post

I was thrilled to receive an email, out of the blue, from the Washington Post, asking to commission an illustration! I found out through my contact at the WP, he found my name through the wonderful database of www.womenwhodraw.com. I didn't realize that submitting my information and a photo would garner much, if any, exposure. Now, I realize Women Who Draw have made something truly special, and I am grateful for the connections I've made through them.

Since Easter was quickly approaching, the WP asked would I paint something Easter-themed for their digital app. I submitted a few sketches that looked like this:

They ended up choosing the last sketch (above). I then made a thumbnail to play with colors:

With everything approved so far, I painted the final piece. When I scanned it in, I started playing with the levels. WP wanted something purplish and bluish, and I had turned out something a bit too pink. So, I offered 3 different options for the final (edited) scanned piece.

The size needed to be 2600x2600px, but the finished piece needed to have some extra space on the bottom to allow for the Washington Post logo. Here are some screen shots after my illustration went live Easter morning!

It's a small project, for me, it was a giant step as far as confidence goes. When I started out practicing watercolor 2 years ago, working for publications like the Washington Post seemed like a far-away dream. Now, after some hardwork and being consistent in showing my work, I'm blessed with these new opportunities! I'm hoping to be called upon soon for any more work the WP might have for me.

Marni Manning - Artist

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