DIY Framing pt. 2

I'm going to finish that previous thought about framing, y'all!

After I order all of my supplies, here's how I put a piece of art and a frame together.

I have my frame, a larger piece of white cardstock, some foam stickers, a pencil, a metal ruler, some scissors, and my original art.

I start by taking out the back of the frame. With the back to use as a guide, I measure and cut the cardstock to fit.

Then, I take a bunch of little foam stickers and place them on the back of the original art. This way, the art isn't flush with the cardstock, but gives some definition and depth within the frame.

I'm careful to align the original art with the center of the cardstock, so the exposed sides are even. Please note that I'm not using a mat for the edges. I'm simply attaching the art to the cardstock, but still creating that "halo" effect where a mat would normally be.

I don't use mats for two reasons:

1. They're expensive

2. My art framed in this way will retain a simpler look

I'll carefully place the cardstock with the foam-backed original art into the frame and then seal it in. Sometimes I seal off the back edges with brown tape, if I'm firm on my framing job and not needing to reopen the frame.

Ta-da! To finish it off, I twist 2 eye hooks into the back of the frame, about 1/3 of the way down the frame. So, if you're frame is 9 inches long, you'll stick the eye hooks 3 inches from the top. This way, when you tie in the wire for hanging, the picture will hang evenly.

Let me know if you have any questions about products or technique! This is of course, not the only way to DIY frame, but so far, it's the way that works best for me! Happy framing, friends!

Marni Manning - Artist

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