DIY Framing pt. 1

I wrote another post about my favorite art supplies and juuuusst skimmed the subject of framing. Since I'm preparing for my first solo show and am about to be buried in frames, I wanted to share how I cut corners on this expensive but necessary addition to any art business.

Because my art is made on paper and not canvas, there's always the risk of yellowing, smudging, or damaging in some way. Thus, framing is a must!

Instead of heading to a frame shop (which I know, is what I ought to do) I'm keeping my art retail price low now to gain a following and to avoid going broke myself.

I use two sources for my frames: Ebay and Michaels.


Because I stuck my neck out and gave Michaels my email address (which they now abuse daily) and home address, I actually receive the most awesome coupons in the mail. Today, I was happy to receive the mama of all coupons: the 50-30-25.

The first week offer is 50% off any one regular priced item.

The second week is 30% off all regular priced purchases.

The third and final week allows you 25% off your ENTIRE purchase, including sale items.

This mamma-jamma lets you take advantage of a substantial amount of savings. If you remember to take the coupon with you after you've used it (unlike stupid me, who once left it with the sales clerk) you can return everyday and reuse the coupon for as long as it's valid!

I take these bad boys (coupons, that is) and scour the shelves for decent frames. These days, I'm into minimalist style frames, white "wood" with glass. Sometimes Michaels doesn't quite have when I'm looking for, though. In that case, I head over to...


Ebay allows me to purchase any size frame I could dream of + glass (up to a 12x16" frame. Anything larger ships plexiglass.)

There are packs of 2, 3, or 4 frames available from my favorite brand. Of course, single frames are available, but when you're paying for the shipping, might as well grab a few, right?

These frames have always shipped well - they never damaged in any way.

Ok, those are my tips for locating frames! Look out for pt. 2 "Extra Framing Materials"

Marni Manning - Artist

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