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"Plant Mom" Comic Series

March 30, 2017

I wanted to branch out from my usual watercolor pizazz and explore a more casual style of art. What better way than to ink? I love trying the different gradations of grey, black, and white, and discovering a  simpler character style.


Of course, I've heard that common phrase, "Write what you know."  But for me, it's "Draw what you know."


And these days? I'm a white girl, living near DC, working my butt off building my small business, and am too afraid to commit to a baby or a pet. Aside from feeding my husband daily? I adopted a few plants. And so, Plant Mom was born!


I'm new to this whole comic thing. I poured over Calvin and Hobbes books every chance I got as a kid, but I never got into a complete comic book series (i.e. action heroes, Marvel, DC Comics.)


That's ok if I'm a comic newbie. I don't have to be an expert right away. My aim is see the humor in my daily life and make it relatable to all of you.


Here are a few that I did early on to kick off the series:


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