Patreon is up and kickin'!

I'm loving this new web platform, where I can get support from fans and share with them extra fun goodies. Patreon is great for any artist (writer, musician, etc) who wants to connect with their audience in a cost-effective way.

So often, art-lovers can't really effectively support artists, even though the work is greatly appreciated. Because let's face it: original art can be super expensive!

Patreon breaks down support into monthly pledges (or per project) so patrons can interact and receive special merchandise from their favorite artist.

With the pledges from my patrons, I'm better able to:

-Make progress videos

-Make vlogs

-Purchase art supplies

and in return, my patrons receive:

-Desktop/phone calendars and wallpapers

-Monthly mini paper calendars

-Access to my original comic series "Plant Mom"

-Downloadable monthly coloring pages

-Sneak peeks at my works in progress, that they won't find anywhere else!

I love making art. I love it even more when the art I make speaks to people and touches their hearts.

Let me know if you'd like to pledge a small amount monthly to get all of these great goodies! I'd love to hear from you <3

Marni Manning - Artist

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