New Year

I love the new year. I used to chain myself to the idea that I needed to resolve a change in my life. Now, I know that changes can happen any day, regardless of a "start over" date, and I just enjoy the new year for the time with family and friends.

I usually take the turn of the year to look back on the goings-on past. I have an immense gratitude for this season in my life. Having had such a hard time in 2015 (and consequently in Korea), it was with a light heart that I accepted 2016 for everything it could be.

Although 2016 was infamous for the majority of the world (namely celebrity deaths and politics), for me, it was exactly what I needed to heal.

I've met some wonderful friends, who have come alongside and encouraged, affirmed, and helped me get back to myself. This is not to say that I want to take older friends for granted; it's just that I'm constantly humbled that each new season and location can bring a soul-friend or a few.

I love that my life is opening up to more people. With the following of wonderful people through Instagram, and the interaction we've had, it's spurred me on to make more art of what matters to them.

I'm going to take this opportunity to list some goals for the new year. THESE ARE NOT RESOLUTIONS. I was listening to a fantastic podcast today, the ever prolific Andy J. Pizza (listen here) and was encouraging me to write down my goals. Writing down goals makes them 40% more likely to be achieved...!

Here we go~

1. To be published in at least 5 magazines for editorial illustration. These magazines should be read by progressive, curious, knowledge-hungry people.

2. Keep my Patreon account up to date and grow the group.

3. Offer fun and new pieces through Patreon (namely some comics, I'm dreaming up.)

4. Continue making art vlogs to encourage other artists and entertain followers who enjoy watching art being made

5. Get to 10,000 followers on Youtube

6. Begin and finish illustrating that book with my sister Ashley - a most excellent and insightful writer

7. Design and create art for playing cards - inspired by Korean folk art and legends

8. Create a series of art depicting Korea folk tales

9. Explore oil painting and create 5 pieces that I'm satisfied with

10. Create some temporary tattoos to offer on my website

Alright, so some of these things are short-term goals that could easily be achieved as soon as I give the time to them. And others, I realize will take time. I'm throwing these out there! I'm believing they will happen and I will be blessed.

Thanks friends, for reading and for following along in my art journey. Life is better because you're in mine <3

Marni Manning - Artist

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