Folk Frakturs for Every Celebration

The family portrait commissions were a huge hit over the holidays. I loved being allowed to hear all of your stories and know what makes each relationship special. Thank you customers and new friends!

I was visiting my parents' house and caught a glimpse of a special piece of original art that they commissioned years ago. It was a celebration of their marriage, and the art was laced with beautiful folk-style details. Supposedly, it's called a "Fraktur." These little artistic certificates celebrate a marriage, a graduation, or a birth. Frakturs were traditionally created in a German style of black lettering, with decorative birds and flowers, helping to commemorate important events.

I'm now offering custom Frakturs in my shop! You can personalize it by choosing the state or national bird, the ribbon color, and the flowers! Please include the names, event dates, and place.

These are perfect gifts for weddings, births, graduations, or a just because, to celebrate a previous event!

Marni Manning - Artist

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