NYC Group Shows (!!!)

Exciting news for this fall! I decided to give group shows a shot and both Spoke Art Gallery and Gristle Art Gallery agreed for me to be a part of their exhibitions!

Spoke Art Gallery is located in San Francisco and holds monthly solo or group shows. They show a broad range of work, with their primary focus being on painting, illustration, and pop-culture.

I was invited to be part of their annual Wes Anderson fan-art show, "Bad Dads VII," which will be held this year in New York City. What I didn't realize about the show was its magnitude - last year, it got reviews and write-ups in magazines like Vogue and Time Out New York!

I think I'm using too many exclamations points for one post. You'll forgive me, I'm just extremely excited. As I've been working and making art steadily for a year, my desire to exhibit art and reach more people has grown. I hope that by doing this show, I can share my work, my passion, and my love of folk-art with a wider audience.

The show opens Halloween weekend at Spoke Art's new location: 210 Rivington Street, New York, NY.

Here's a shot of my "Bean Security" painting.

"Bean Security" 11 x 14" Watercolor

"Astraphobia" 10 x 13" Watercolor

These were done with the inspiration of "Fantastic Mr. Fox." What an amazing movie! I forgot how much I loved claymation. I grew up on "Wallace and Grommit" and watching "Rudolf" once a year at Christmas. This movie is hilarious, fast-paced, and charming.

The second show I'll be involved in (which started last month, so perhaps I should have mentioned that one first...?) is The "Space Trip Art Show" at Gristle Art Gallery, which is part of a tattoo shop in Brooklyn, NY. It will remain on view until October 15.

I contacted this gallery because I had some skeleton art that I wanted to exhibit with them. They were positive and told me to email again later when they would have a better idea of show line-ups for next year. As I was browsing their website, I saw a call for artists - free, which I always love! - but it was for Star Trek. I say, "but" because I was totally unfamiliar with Star Trek, swearing my allegiance to Star Wars instead. Once I was chosen for the show, I knew I had to get cracking and find out something about it.

I saw (and am currently watching) the older episodes, the original series. LOVE IT. It's a bit sexist for my taste...the girls sit around, not really fighting back or winning, or just being objectified, while the guys are the heroes and always save the day... But if I don't let that get me down, it's really enjoyable!

I should also say that I fell in love with Spock. He's calm, cool, and half-alien. What a handsome weirdo! So, I painted this: "Tender Thoughts" in watercolor, 9 x 12".

Marni Manning - Artist

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