100 Day Art Project: 6-10

Here are the next 5 portraits of my "Friends" project:

My Buddha. You have such a sweet, happy face. I love that you're a writer. I think that you and I grew up to be exactly what we had been playing at when we were kids: nerdy creatives. I wanted to include your love of writing, your affinity for video games, and your cool hair. You are a sweet and tender person, but at the same time, as tough as nails. You cared for your husband's sickly grandparents, stared a non-profit theatre company in Chicago, braved living in Chicago, work your ass off at random jobs just to help support your firm resolution in working in the arts - I am in awe of you. Your work ethic, your kind heart, your fierce love. "Hope: you're just a name that I hold close; There when I needed you the most; And you brought me here." (-A Great Big World.) I absolutely adore you.

Momba! Yep, my mom, but also one of my closest friends. You've been going through a lot in the last few years. I want to take that burden from you. I don't want you to slog through the mess anymore. When I think of you, I often picture a little girl, dancing through a field of yellow flowers, without anxiety or pain. You have a buoyant personality, and I appreciate the example you have set of perseverance. This portrait is loosely done, but I like the sketchy feel of it. And when I showed it to you, you said, "oh, a goddess!" Love that. Yes, mom, you are a goddess.

Kern - I remember meeting you in the hallway outside of Natalie's class. We were both in Voice and Articulation? I'm not recalling exactly which class...but we bonded over the fact that we were somewhat sheltered and this big bad school made us feel intimidated. I always appreciate your honesty and transparency. You're hilariously funny, but I mostly love how loyal you are. If you're Lucy, can I be your Ethel? We already have the names: Marge and Kern forever! I think you're a peach.

Kim Genna, you are one of the loudest, proudest, fiercest girls I have ever met. We lived together for a semester and you were a great roommate (aside from waking me up with your hairspray cloud every morning hehe. Thanks for eventually spraying it in the bathroom.) I'm having memories of your new apartment with Molly and Sahra; you let me do my laundry there; of watching horror movies together (Pet Cemetery? Why?!!) a snow day; just hanging out in the student center chatting and laughing our heads off. Thanks for bringing joy into my life when I needed it.

Erinn Nelson. When we were both at university, I was intimidated by you. You were one of the 'older, cool kids' and I thought I would never be cool enough for you to hang out with. You're a great entertainer and I remember I loved watching you perform. I'm not sure how we actually became friends, because I didn't spend a lot of time with you at ECU...did I? But I'm so glad that we've stayed friends. I've enjoyed playing and writing music with you, talking about life's ups and downs, and knowing that I always have a good friend to visit when I happen to be in NYC. You scare the shit out of me with your skydiving, but I'm so glad that you have something that makes you insanely happy.

Marni Manning - Artist

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