100 Day Art Project: 1-5

I did it. I started an unbearably long art project. I suppose I started this because I've been following fellow artist and friend Natalie Blanton, and was inspired by her recent success of her 100 days project. I loved watching what she made every day and was amazed that her paintings just kept improving! I knew I needed to jump on the bandwagon.

This project focuses on "Friends." No, not the sitcom - my actual, real life friends. I think it will be easy at first. All of the people I love the most will spring to mind, so I'll paint them first...but then I know things will get awkward. Just because I've been friends with a person, doesn't mean we are friends any longer. And I didn't leave anyone out. I mean, it's not like I have 100 current friends that I can keep in touch and interact with. No, this series with include all of the friends, ex-friends, and frenemies. Should be interesting. With the possibility of dredging up discomfort from my past. IT'S OK, LET'S DO THIS.

Here are the first 5 friends from my list

I think of these 5, my favorite, by far, is Inwook's. It was the first, and happened to be the best?? I love the shape of his hanbok (traditional Korean outfit) and his sweet, happy face. He's the most important person in my life, for sure.

Katie Sandifer: we met when she was a Nicholson! I had never felt an instant, mutual like for somebody like I did with Katie. She was so confident and cool when I met her, very no-nonsense, but still funny and fun. I loved living near you in New Bern for that year, right after I moved there. It went so quickly! Then college took us to different places, and we randomly were able to meet up again for your wedding, quick weekends, Korea, China, American vacations, and now we're both back Stateside. I always miss living close to you.

Katie Barnette. I'm so lucky to have 2 dear Katie friends! Katie B. was my first Katie. She is so sweet, encouraging, thoughtful, and talented! We met when we were 5 years old. She was wearing a pink and black polka-dotted get-up, complete with a giant hair bow and she had the cutest freckles. Even at 5 years old, I knew a trendsetter when I saw one! She and I had countless sleepovers at her house, where I played too much Tetris and other video games that my mom had banned, Barbies, and hung out in the woods. I remember once staying for 3 days at a time! The only house that I ever felt comfortable sleeping over at - I was a homebody who missed her mommy. So, you and your home, Katie, were my second home.

Mattalin: I love watching you go, go, go! Your pageant endeavours inspired this, along with your recent years of heartbreak - I'm sorry for the latter. I think you're strong and feisty, and I'm rooting for you! I'm glad that we can bond over things like Nancy Drew computer games, Goodwill, and our love of adventure! I have a vivid memory of running away to Disney World with you. We ran through all 4 parks in a day, and I even let you drive (with your learner's permit) on the highway on the way there. Yep. We're a regular little Bonnie and Clyde duo.

Jordan: ah, my twin! I say that reluctantly. I never actually wanted to be a twin, mainly because I value my individuality. But our mom insisted that we dress alike, and so many people through the years have asked if we were twins - I've pretty much given up protesting. You are the yin to my yang; we couldn't be more different. But I really appreciate our friendship and how easily you make me laugh. Love you!

Ok. That ended up being longer than I thought. That's alright. This thing will take some time, effort, blood, sweat, and (maybe) tears. Stay tuned for the next 5!

Marni Manning - Artist

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