LA Short Trip

Guys, I never really had the inkling to go to California before...but Inwook's best friend lives in LA, and when he begged me to go, I said "Ga-ja!" (That's "Let's go!" in Korean.)

A few thoughts on it:

1. It's basically the desert. With mountains. Palm trees. And lots of Latin-influenced architecture.

2. Because it's the desert, I was shocked that so many people have been raving about LA for so long. Why is America obsessed with a place that's barren?

3. Then I got into it. The food is great, there's always something to do, and it's exciting to walk around and be a total tourist.

We had such a fantastic time with Inwook's friends. They spared no expense showing us all the sites and eating all the food. Some of the highlights were:

- Universal Studios Hollywood

- Thai Food, Korean Duck, "Hot and Juicy" crawfish, crab, shrimp, and corn on the cob

- Griffith Observatory

- Los Angeles County Museum of Art

- Downtown Hollywood

- Santa Monica Beach / Pier

I was able to make a video compiling all the fun parts of the trip! We stayed from Thursday-Sunday, so not too much time to see and enjoy everything fully, but I feel like we got a good taste.

Marni Manning - Artist

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