How to Find Beautiful, Affordable Art

(Find this adorable llama print off of Etsy, in Cactus Club's shop!)

If you're here, it means we have something in common. WE LOVE ART. Whether it's colorful, black and white, photography, paintings, modern, classical, portraits, or abstract, ART breathes new life into a space. But like many of us these days, buying art isn't our first priority (and most likely because of the price tag.) Or maybe you want to find art that you love, but you don't know where to look? Or you don't know what to look for...!

No need to worry, I am here to eradicate all of your art stress! "Art" and "stress" shouldn't even be allowed in the same sentence!

Here are some ways that I find art that I love:

1. A friend recently told me, "If it brings you JOY, keep it." She was explaining how she goes about organizing her life. I'd like to apply this to buying art. See a piece that makes your heart leap? Have you continued to see that image in your head as you are falling asleep at night? You better go back and grab it! If it brings JOY, buy it.

2. Don't be snobbish - get down and dirty with THRIFTING! I've found some fantastic, weird, perfect pieces, and at a fraction of the original price. You'll also come across a lot of originals. From one of my favorite paint-by-numbers woodsy scenes, to an oversize old-fashioned portrait, a funky painted mask, and a little print of a Matisse (already matted!) you would be amazed at what you can scrounge up, if you're willing to brave the world of second-hand.

3. If you can't afford the original, buy a print on ETSY. I know, you want something quick, so you run to Target, Pier 1, or World Market and grab the "perfect" printed canvas. STOP! If you're going to buy a print, at least help support smaller businesses and working artists. Etsy: that's where the creativity and originality thrive! You'll be glad you made a small-business owner's day and scored an adorable print in a great style. Some of my favorite shops are these days:


Warm Grey Tail

Katelyn Able Fine Art

One of the best things that's happened recently, was the opportunity to do some art trades. I know, I know - "But that means giving your art away for free!! Don't you WANT to make a living?" Don't get me wrong, selling my art is humbling and thrilling, but getting a chance to make a piece especially for a new friend, and getting a gift in return? It's like it's my birthday! If you are an artist, and you love another artist's work, and you have a pretty good idea that they like your work back...suggest an art trade! It never hurts to ask.

I hope that you found this useful. I realize that not all of you are scrambling for new art, but perhaps along the journey, you can beautify your space and feel good (financially) about doing it. Happy Hunting!

Marni Manning - Artist

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